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Barre City Elementary and Middle School dining services are managed by Aladdin Food Management Services. Here at BCEMS we offer a program that meets the needs of today’s students.

We offer a vast variety of options to please everyone. Our menu can be found in the drop down menu above.

Our dining program is designed to provide the quality and variety our customers expect.

Monthly menus with daily menu content can be viewed or downloaded below. Copies of this menu may also be picked up upon request in the Dining Hall.

If you need additional nutritional information or have any questions about our food, please reach out to Lea Buel, our district’s School Nutrition Specialist.

She can be reached at lbuelbsu@buusd.org.



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Meal Charge Procedure
  1. Purpose -The purpose of this procedure is to establish consistent processes for Barre Unified Union School District to provide meals to students who have insufficient funds in their school meal accounts and the process for the collection of unpaid meal debt.


General Statement  –

  1. The Barre Unified Union School District recognizes proper nutrition is essential for adequate learning to occur and to establish lifelong, healthy eating habits while also working to maintain the financial integrity of the school food service program.
  2. It is our procedure to offer high quality, healthy breakfasts and lunches that meet the federal guidelines to all students at a reasonable cost to ensure no child goes hungry.
  3. Payments to student accounts are made by sending a check or making online payments through mymealtime.com/accounts.
  4. Families may apply for free and reduced-price meals at any time during the school year. Meal applications are distributed by mail prior to the first day of school.  Parents are encouraged to complete and return the applications as soon as possible. In addition, applications are available at the school office or cafeteria during regular business hours and online at www.buusd.org.  If household size changes or income changes, families may re-apply for meal benefits any time during the school year.
    • Households who apply for free and reduced-price meal benefits are responsible for payment of all school meals and accumulated charges until approval is granted. Federal guidelines allow a maximum of 10 days to approve a new application.  No child is allowed a free or reduced price meal without an approved application or direct certification information on file. Parents will receive a notification letter of the student’s eligibility showing the effective date.  If a notification letter is not received within 10 days, the parent should check with the approving official at the school to see if the application has been received.
    • Households who are receiving 3SquaresVT or Reach-Up benefits will receive a notification of eligibility letter based on Direct Certification from the school if the school has received information about your child(ren). If your household receives these benefits and you have not received this letter from the school, the school has not received information regarding eligibility of your child(ren), the household must contact the school immediately to provide current information.
    • Free and reduced-price eligible students may receive a breakfast and a lunch each day at no charge.
    • A la carte items, such as a separate carton of milk or a second entrée, are not allowed to be charged.


Meal Charge –

  1. If the student account has insufficient funds to pay for breakfast and/or lunch meals,
  • Students in grades 9th-12th will be allowed to charge up to $10.00.
  • Students in elementary school will always be provided a meal.
  • All negative balances must be paid prior to the end of the school year. Any remaining balances will be carried over to the next school year.
  1. Free and reduced-price eligible students will always be provided a meal regardless of unpaid student accounts.
  2. A student eligible for paid meals who has ‘cash in hand’ at the time of meal service will be provided a meal regardless of unpaid student accounts. The ‘cash in hand’ will not be applied to past due accounts.
  3. Students with an overdrawn account are not allowed to charge a la carte items.


Account Status Notifications –

  1. Households are strongly encouraged to keep sufficient funds in the student accounts to cover weekly meal purchases. Aladdin will notify each household of account balances by doing the following:
  • Families can check their account balances online via mymealtime.com/accounts.
  • Families may contact the Food Service Director/Manager at 802-476-6362
  • Students will be given a verbal reminder in the food service line.
    1. The family will be notified when the student account balance has reached (-$10.00) by weekly emails to parents/guardians whose children have a negative account balance of (-$10.00) and/or letter to parents via the U.S. Mail requesting payment.


Collection of Unpaid Meal Debt –

When the student balance is (-$10.00) the following collection activities will be followed:

  • The Food Service Director will send notice to parent and/or guardian if no payment is received, if no response;
  • The building principal will contact the household to discuss the requirement of the family to provide meals for the student, if no response;
  • The building principal will contact the BUUSD Business Office.
  • The building principal may contact the local social services office if the household refuses to provide meals or pay for student meals.
  • All funds owed to the food service program will be paid in full on the last day of school.


Monday - Friday

Breakfast: 7:20-8:45AM

Lunch: 10:20am-1:30pm

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